Easter Readathon Wrap Up!

Over the Easter weekend I participated in Easter Readathon, created by Kate @ Reading Through Infinity. Here is my wrap up post of the weekend and how much reading I managed to achieve!

Friday 2nd

I am reading Landline by Rainbow Rowell, which covers the prompts for a cover with a pastel colour and a book about new beginnings. I did start reading this on Wednesday and got up to page 174 at the end of Thursday. I read up to page 304 today, by going on Kate’s reading sprints in the afternoon and doing some reading whilst dinner was cooking. I had planned to finish Landline today, but it feels like I am forcing myself to read which is not something I want to do. So I will finish reading this tomorrow morning.

Saturday 3rd

First thing in the morning I finish reading Landline, which I am rating as four stars as I enjoyed the concept and the exploration of how difficult a relationship/marriage can be.


I start my second read of the readathon, which is The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead. This covers the prompt for a book that is less than 250 pages. I watch some reading sprints whilst I read and manage to get to page 53. I decide that again, it feels like I am forcing myself to read, but I still want to meet the prompts.

I decide to change tactics, and I find a short audiobook of a children’s book that will fit the prompt for a spring vibe. I go with Butterfly Brain by Laura Dockrill as the cover has lots of colourful leaves on it. I listen to it whilst I make a cake and I rate it as four stars as it was emotional at the end.

55725841. sx318

In the evening I read another 30 pages of The Nickel Boys so I’m now on page 83.

Sunday 4th

I read some more of The Nickel Boys and by the end of the day I’m on page 143. I decide to change my plan again, and instead of trying to finish this today, I am going to give myself the extra day to finish it, as I’ve covered all the prompts and I don’t need to rush if I don’t feel like it.

Monday 5th

This afternoon I finished reading The Nickel Boys and again, rated it as four stars. The writing was excellent, and this was a tough but important read.

52633956. sx318 sy475

I have finished three books during the Easter readathon, which I’m really happy about, but I definitely plan to chill out and take my time with reading for the rest of April!

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